About Us

Our Story


My grandfather, Alex, was a 14 year old orphan when he learned how to weave rattan. He was too small and thin to bend the large rattan poles into furniture frames, so he started with the outer skin which he wove into what is known as Solihiya mat, used on the seats and backs of chairs in those days before monobloc plastic and mass production.

My grandmother was raised by her single mother, she helped ends meet by twisting reeds into rope in preparation for basket weavers. 

Habi Home Shop is a nod to the industry and perseverance of my grandparents working with organic materials to create simple, functional, objects that transform homes and the people who make them.

I am the third generation in my family working with handwoven natural plant fibers. My hope is that the world returns to using natural materials in our homes. Materials that are non-toxic, and biodegradable. The hope is that we stop using plastic and chemicals in our home. We hope that Habi Home Shop will show you ways that we can be greener, more simple, and lessen our carbon footprint starting in your own home.


With love, 

Jennifer Lo


Meet the Makers


At Habi Home Shop, we have our own atelier right in the heart of Makati so you can be assured that each piece is manufactured with the utmost care and attention to quality. You can be assured as well that our workers are being paid the minimum wage and benefits unlike other brands who may use subcontracted labor and a less transparent supply chain.